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The DIY Composites Eco Mould system has been carefully developed and selected to offer not only an extremely cost effective tooling system as the name suggests but also a system that is extremely versatile and yields outstanding results if the tried and tested production process is followed.

DIY Eco Mould is a 3 stage system starting with our extremely tough yet easy to polish DIY VE Tooling Gelcoat (vinyl Ester) for the tool surface. Stage 2 is our high quality vinyl ester DIY VE120 Laminating Resin to ensure not only a great coupling effect between the gel coat and re-enforcement but also to have excellent dimensional stability through the curing process. Stage 3 is when the final bulk and re-enforcement is added to the tool with layers traditional chop strand matting and DIY PO80 polyester tooling resin. For full details on how we use the DIY Eco Mould System please consult our DIY Eco Mould Guide in the guides section.

DIY Eco Mould is compatible with the full line up of of DIY Composites Epoxy, Vinylester and Polyester resin systems for ambient cure purposes. The table below gives a guide as to which DIY Composites component resin systems,  laminates and production methods are suitable for this system. This is only a guide, thorough tests must be conducted to ensure the system works for your intended purpose. 

DIY Composites has  used the system successfully for short runs of low temp oven cures using DIY HQPP Pre-Preg carbon fibre following a  post cure of the mould whilst on it pattern. Whilst this can be done for low volume runs our recommended mould systems for pre-preg curing are DIY High Temp Epoxy Mould system and DIY HQPPT Carbon FIbre Pre-Preg Tooling System which are superior for this process and more durable.

Processing Guide 

Click the link or visit our guides section to check out our online written and video processing guide & tutorial to using the Eco Mould System to make a mould.

Whats in the box
When you buy the DIY Composites Eco Mould system you have 3 options. Our starter kit small project kit or large project kit. These cater to different project sizes.  Each component of the kit is also available separately should you want any additional materials.

Included in the kit is paste release wax and PVA release agent. We have offered an upgrade to DIY Let Go Release agent which we strongly recommend for more consistent and reliable releases from a suitable mould or pattern. We have also added an option to add Pai just 1 polish to help give your mould an outstanding shine when polished. 

Inside the box you will find; 

Safety & Data 
Please read all product safety and data sheets prior to using any of these products and ensure all correct safety precautiuons are in place. 

Pictures shown are for illustration only. Final items may vary due to product development and supply chain but will always be of equal quality. 

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