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  • DIY VE Tooling Gelcoat (Vinyl Ester)

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DIY Tooling Gel is our premium vinyl ester tooling gel coat selected for the robust tooling surface that it gives and its ease of use. The gel coat forms a hard and glossy mould surface that is easy to polish for an almost mirror like appperance helping to get great surface finishes from your components. 

The gel coat has good dimensional stability and following post cure good temperature performance. It can be used at ambient cure temperatures without post cure but where possible a post cure is always preferential. It is generally used as a gel coat for moulds to be used in the wet lay process or in the infusion process. Whilst not recommended for use with pre-pregs, examples of this material when re-enforced with CSM and and DIY VE120 laminating resin have been seen in  the curing of oven cure pre pregs such as our DIY HQPP range on longer lower temperature cure cycles. 

Compatible re-enforcements

Our DIY VE tooling gel coat forms a part of our DIY Eco Mould Range and we believe works best with that system which features DIY VE120 resin and surface tissue + CSM coupling coat followed by the bulk re-enforcement in DIY PE80 Polyester tooling resin and further CSM re-enforcement. 


DIY Tooling Gel Coat must be catalysed with a high quality MEKP at between 1.5% - 2%. This MEKP is not included so please purchase this separately. 

DIY VE Tooling Gel Coat is designed for application by high quality brush in two layers. A first even layer of gelcoat should be applied looking for even smooth coverage with no air entrapment. The gelcoat should then be able to cure to a tack free state which will vary in time depending on room temperature and accurate catalyst mixng volumes. A tack free state at DIY composites is defined as when with a light touch a finger can be drawn across the gel coat surface and when removed no gel coat comes away with the finger, however if you were to push the gel coat with that finger an imprint would be left on the gel surface.

Once the 1st layer has reached the tack free state, the second layer of gel coat should be applied in a smooth and even layer again ensuring there is no air entrapment or voids in coverage. This should then be left to reach a tack free state before the nect stage of the tool making process is commenced.

For best results a post cure of the final tool once all stages of the build up and lamination / re-enforcement are complete can be completed at 40-50 °C

Pack Sizes 

We offer DIY Black Tooling Gel in 0.5kg /1kg/5kg/20kg packs

Ensure you read all technical data sheets and safety sheets prior to use.

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