We offer a range of full kits that give you everything you need, in one simple place.
  Carbon Fibre sheet.
  Carbon Fibre tube.
  Gloss and matte finishes.
  Twill Weave, Plain Weave, Forged.
  Carbon Fibre angle.
*subject to availability
Cut carbon fibre cured sheet purchased from us to your own design.
  Use our online template or your own CAD/DXF file.
  Inhouse design service available.
*subject to booking and availability
Large variety of mould making kits to suit all budgets + projects.
Process materials bought from us in our oven or autoclave.
  Sessions held every single month.
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Our pre-preg starter kit gives first timers or experienced composite users the opportunity to create oven cure carbon fibre pre preg parts out of autoclave without breaking the bank. Our kit pulls together the essentials that you will require to complete your first pre-preg project once you have a suitable mould to laminate.

Pre-preg carbon fibre is the industry standard for the manufacture of high quality, strong, light and consistent parts as you would we see in the top levels of motorsport and various other arenas. Careful impregnation of the carbon fibre cloth with precise levels of resin mean that resin is distributed evenly around the laminate helping to give consistent finish to components.

This kit includes our high quality UK made HQPP 245g surface ply and strong HQPP 650g bulking ply both in the traditional twill weave that we associate with carbon fibre. Bagging consumables, release films, breather cloths are all included in the kit to get you going.

Please look at our online guidance material on processing our material in our pre-preg guide which can be downloaded for easy reference.

Our range of oven cure pre-preg carbon fibre cloth is extremlely versatile in terms of cure cycle meaning it can be cured at anything between 65℃ and 120℃. We have seen instances on cooler cure cycles of DIY Eco Tool being used for the curing of our pre-pregs however we don't recommend this and instead we recommend either;
DIY Epoxy Mould System (High Temp) 
DIY HQPPT Carbon Fibre Pre-preg tooling
3. DIY EP700 Epoxy Model Board 
Whilst not sold by DIY Composites our pre-preg can also be sucessfully cured from flat glass sheet and alumimum billet moulds.

I don't have an oven to cure this?
Why not join one of our twice monthly open cure sessions where we allow materials purchased through DIY Composites to be processed via our ovens or autoclave for a small fee dependant on project size. If your project is one off it avoids the need to buy equipment you may not use again.  Click the link to find out more.

We have included a range of options that you may wish to buy at a discounted rate at the same time as purchasing our pre-preg starter kit.
1. High temperature vacuum line with female quick disconnects. Perfect for moving projects around the workshop and disconnecting from your vacuum source with ease during the process.
2. Javac Vacuum Pump - This is our preffered desktop vacuum pump from Javac which delivers outstanding performance at an incredible price.
3. Vacuum Guage - The easy and simple way to see the level of vacuum in your bag and whether it is dropping / leaking.

Pack Sizes
Our pre-preg kits are sold in a small starter kit and large kit.

Whats in the box
Please see the table below for all the items that are included in the starter kit and large kit

Pictures shown are for illustration only. Final items may vary due to product development and supply chain but will always be of equal quality. 

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