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  • DIY Carbon Fibre Repair Starter Kit

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Our DIY Composite Carbon Fibre repair kit allows cosmetic repairs to be completed on expensive carbon fibre components that without repair may require replacement. The kit offers everything you require in one box to complete a sucessful repair to a variety of carbon fibre components whilst in a work shop or at an event with top quality market leading materials. 

The kit includes our carbon fibre 200g Twill cloth (option for plain weave also available) and our RC78 Rapid Cure epoxy resin where we offer 2 hardners, a fast (1 - 2 hours cure) or super fast (30 - 60 minutes cure). We offer a basic and extended repair kit. The main difference being the extended kit not only offers more materials but also includes Bondloc B3298 MMA structural adhesive which can be used to great effect in carbon fibre repairs with gap filling and stitching where required and suitable.

Our starter kits are suitable for first time users or experienced users looking to complete a small project. The materials used within these are proffesional quality and what we use inside our own production business. We are proud that our carbon fibre cloths and resins are UK made unlike many competitors.

Please read our online guide to cosmetic carbon repair prior to commencing your project. This is downloadable from our guides and tutorials section to allow for reference through out the process.  

This starter kit can be used to repair components out of mould or in mould if required. For components being repaired using a mould then our following mould systems are compatible with the repair kit;
-DIY Eco Mould 
-DIY Epoxy Tool (Low Temp)
-DIY EP700 Epoxy Model Board 
-DIY HQPPT Pre Preg Tooling

-DIY PU600 Model Board (ambient temperatures) 

-DIY Epoxy Tool (High Temp) 

Pack Sizes
This kit comes in 2 sizes, Basic and Extened.

Our basic kit provides 0.3m2 of material in a 300mm x 1000m strip. Our extended kit provides 1.5sqm2 of material typically in a 900mm x 1660mm strip.

On purchase when you have selected your kit size you also have the option on whether to have your kit with our popular DIY HQDC 200g Twill weave carbon fibre cloth or our DIY HQDC 200g Plain Weave carbon fibre cloth depending on the appearance you are wishing to achieve. The default option is our Twill. There is also an option for either the fast or super fast hardner depending on your requirements.

Whats in the box
See the table below for what you'll recieve when you order one of our carbon fibre repair kits.

Please ensure you read all of the product technical data sheets and safety sheets prior to use.

Pictures shown are for illustration only. Final items may vary due to product development and supply chain but will always be of equal quality. 


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