We offer a range of full kits that give you everything you need, in one simple place.
  Carbon Fibre sheet.
  Carbon Fibre tube.
  Gloss and matte finishes.
  Twill Weave, Plain Weave, Forged.
  Carbon Fibre angle.
*subject to availability
Cut carbon fibre cured sheet purchased from us to your own design.
  Use our online template or your own CAD/DXF file.
  Inhouse design service available.
*subject to booking and availability
Large variety of mould making kits to suit all budgets + projects.
Process materials bought from us in our oven or autoclave.
  Sessions held every single month.
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Our resin infusion starter kit allows our customers to open up the exciting world of resin infused composite components which are not only strong but also when correctly processed will yield the excellent pin hole free surface finish results which are truly stunning to look at. The process allows for stronger, more consistent and better cosmetic results than wetlay and without the need for the expensive outlay in equipment needed for pre-preg curing.

Our starter kit comes in two sizes regular and large. Both provide enough materials for multiple infusions depending on the project size. It is suitable for home or business users and is made up of proffesional grade equipment.

Online instructions
We  have extensive online instructional material to guide you through your first infusion projects to help avoid some of the pitfalls that can arise when trying to infuse. Check out our guides and tutorials section. This can also be downloaded for easy reference. 

What's in the box
This one stop shop kit comes with your infusion mesh, release film, vacuum bags, peel ply, infusion spiral and hose, connectors, valves and luxury catch pot. Unlike other systems available we offer a larger proffesional grade Infusion catchpot.  The larger capacity means additional ability to catch resin and not overfill a smaller pot should you have any issues during your infusion.

For those requiring it we offer a range of upgrades including our selected bench top Javac Vacuum Pump, Knitted infusion mesh, Let Go Release Agent, DIY One Way Infusion Membrane and DIY IN24 Infusion Resin at discounted package prices if bought at the same time as the starter kit.

The Infusion Process
To see this kit in action please watch our online video tutorials and view our written guide on the process. The process itself works by placing the laminate into your mould with the infusion bagging stack ontop.  A vacuum is drawn which pulls the laminate onto the mould surface for great consolidation. Resin is then allowed to flow into the vacuum bag, infuse through the laminate that is being pushed onto the mould surface and then exit the bag in a strategic location. Once fully infused and left to cure the laminate is demoulded leaving the component ready for post cure, trim and final polish.

Pictures shown are for illustration only. Final items may vary due to product development and supply chain but will always be of equal quality. 

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    2-3 Days
  • PRICE (ex VAT)
    £143.95 / m2 / metre

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