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  Gloss and matte finishes.
  Twill Weave, Plain Weave, Forged.
  Carbon Fibre angle.
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  Inhouse design service available.
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Our AA side carbon fibre forged sheet offers a attractive contemporary look as well as a strong and robust laminate. All our sheets are cured via heatpress using quality pre-preg carbon fibre prior to being CNC trimmed to size. Our AA side sheet features an A class matte finish on either side.

The sheets are laid up with this stunning forged look either side and have unidirectional carbon fibre pre-preg laid at 0/90 or depending on thickness of the laminate at 0/45/90 in between them to build a strong and dependable laminate. These sheets have been used previously for motorsport applications as well as leusuire, hobby, radio control components, automotive components, scultures and art and a whole other host of generall applications.

Our forged sheets are available in 1mm / 1.5mm / 2mm / 3mm  sheets in 2 different sheet sizes - 145mm x 280mm / 245mm x 295mm

These sheets can easily be cut and shaped using hand tools. Our range of 
Perma Grit Abrasive tools offer great ways of shaping carbon fibre. Any bonding required please check out our range of Bond-Loc MMA and Epoxy adhesives.

Cutting Service
If you want to cut your carbon fibre to specific shape why not let us help you. With our own in house CNC machine and design software we offer a competstively priced cutting service for carbon fibre sheet purchased from DIY Composites. Check out our use our machines section for more information. 

Commercial Supply
If you are looking for a commercial supply of carbon fibre sheet in higher volumes please contact us and we can discuss your requirements and production options. 

*all sheet sizes are subject to +/- 5mm tolerances 

The nature of forged carbon and the production process means that whilst surface finish is completely pin hole free, due to the random orientation of the fibres it does not offer as much as a perfectly uniform flat surface as a traditional twill or plain weave when viewed under light. This is more evident in gloss forged sheet. If your project requires incredibly tight surface tolerances this may not be suitable however for cosmetic purposes it remains completely suitable. 

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