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  • DIY HT150 GC Epoxy Tooling Gelcoat

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DIY HT150 GC Epoxy Gelcoat Tooling is our high temperature epoxy tooling gel coat designed for use within the
DIY HT Epoxy Tool System. The gel is a 2 part system that when mixed yields a fantastic tooling surface when used with a well prepared pattern. DIY HT150 GC is an ambient curing, brush on system that once cured offers excellent temperature resistance and following a post cure process is a fantastic tooling choice for anyone looking to cure our range of oven cure  pre-pregs or similar spec materials with its HDT OF 150℃. The gel has a generous pot life of 50 - 80 minutes depending on temperature giving ample working time and at 25 degrees has a demould time of 24 hours.

A high aluminium content to the gel gives it a robust and extremly smooth and polishable finish helping laminates that are cured on it to have excellent surface finishes. The gel also has excellent chemical resistance to styrene making this compatible not onluy with epoxy resins but also vinyl ester and polyester.

DIY HT150 GC is compatible with the full line up of of DIY Composites Epoxy, Vinylester and Polyester resin systems for ambient cure purposes and with our lineup of oven cure pre-pregs. The table below gives a guide as to which DIY Composites component resin systems,  laminates and production methods are suitable for this gel coat, when used in conjunction with the rest of the
DIY HT Epoxy tooling system . This is only a guide, thorough tests must be conducted to ensure the system works for your intended purpose.
(Insert compatibility table)

Pack sizes
DIY HT150 is sold in 0.5kg / 1kg / 5kg packs.

Saftety & Data
Please read all product safety and data sheets prior to using any of these products and ensure all correct safety precautiuons are in place.
This system emits little smell although it is still recommended to use it within a well ventilated room. 

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