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The DIY HQPPT oven cure carbon fibre tooling system is an incredibly simple to use 2 part  system made up of a surfacing ply and a bulking ply. The surface ply here is a 245g carbon cloth with a lightweight woven glass scrim on the surface to be applied face down to the mould surface. The epoxy resin system is black in colour and with the addition of the glass scrim the system offers excellent conformity when laminated and excellent resin flow to assist is getting a good surface finish to the tool.  

The DIY PPT Epoxy oven cure tooling pre-preg system provides incredibly robust moulds that will outlive other polyester, vinyl ester and gel coat surface mould options and due to the properties exhibited by the carbon fibre re-enforcement will offer great dimensional stability through out the cure process. We recommend a 1-4-1 layup (1 Surface - 4 bulk - 1 surface) when using the HQPPT system to achieve optimum results. This means for ordering purposes you will require approximatly double the amount of bulk to surface ply. We have seen some shorter run projects completed with lighter lay ups of the material (1 surface and 3 bulk) but this will reduce tool durability and stability so the 1-4-1 approach is recommended. 

What can I cure in in a DIY HQPPT Mould?
The DIY HQPPT Tooling system is best suited to curing oven cure pre-pregs such as the DIY HQPP System under vacuum. It has also been used sucessfully in many autoclave cure cycles when used inside within its prescribed temperature window. Its high strength  and dimensional stability properties make it suitable for demanding applications like these. However it is still possible to use this system for the cure of laminates via the resin infusion process and wet lay process. We have sucessfully cured Polyester, Vinyl Ester and Epoxy resin systems from this tooling.

This material is extremely versatile and gives many cure options as outlined in the data sheet. The matrial can be cured from 65℃ through to 130℃ and following a post cure will have service temperatures upto 130℃. This material is most frequrntly cured from epoxy tooling block patterns such as DIY HT Epoxy board. However it has also been sucessfully cured by using original carbon fibre components as patterns and from billet aluminium tools.


Please view both the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) prior to processing any materials and for further product information.

This material is supplied by the square metre. The roll width is 1.2m which means that when ordering 1sqm you will receive a piece that is 1.2m in width and 0.8m in length. 

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