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DIY Composites is proud to offer DIY HQPP 245g (3k) Twill as part of its versatile oven cure component pre-preg system. This system has been developed over time to offer incredible results without the use of an expensive autoclave. Once laminated into the mould the component must be vacuum bagged and then can be cured via a number of different curing cycles. 

This HQPP 245 is our tried and tested light weight 245g (3k) surface ply material with a 42% resin weight designed with the right processing and tooling to offer a pin hole free surface finish which lends itself well to being used for both visial and non visual applications. On close inspection the user will see the material features a resin rich side which must be placed face down into the mould leaving a dry side making handling and placement simple. This item is designed to be used in conjunction with DIY HQPP 415g and DIY HQPP 650g bulking plies.

When used in conjunction with HQPP 415g bulk ply  / HQPP 650g bulk ply  / GF80 glue film this pre-preg material also works well with our range core products helping to build both large and small components that are  incredibly strong. 

Materials previous uses 
This material has been used sucessfully within the Marine, Motorsport, Automotive and Leisure inductries due to to its outstanding cosmetic appearance, strong laminates and simple processing.

The DIY HQPP range offers extremely versatile curing cycles from 65℃ to 120℃ and following a post cure process service temperatures upto 130℃. Please see the data sheet for further curing information.  

What can I use for my mould material?

The DIY HQPP range of pre pregs are extremely versatile and can be cured on the following DIY Mould materials;

DIY High Temp Epoxy Tooling Board 
DIY HQPPT Carbon Fibre Tooling Pre-Preg 
DIY High Temp Epoxy Tool

-Billet Aluminium and glass sheet have also been used successfully. Small production runs of pre-preg components have been completed from DIY Eco Mould but this is not our recommended system for pre-pregs. 


Please view both the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) prior to processing any materials and for further product information.

This material is supplied by the square metre. The roll width is 1.2m which means that when ordering 1sqm you will receive a piece that is 1.2m in width and 0.8m in length.  

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